KMTEX's Quality Policy:

"KMTEX uses the quality improvement process to achieve excellence in continuous quality and productivity improvement in order to be successful in the marketplace. KMTEX will business partner with employees, suppliers, and customers to sustain the improvement gains as we are all partners in business."

To implement this policy, KMTEX must achieve the following objectives:
  • To understand the customer's expectaions, agree on performance standards, and meet these expectations 100% of the time.
  • To strive for continuous improvement in our process, reducing the sources of variation.
  • To design quality into our work practices in order to smooth and streamline the processes which improve quality.
All chemical processes and material handling are scrutinized to deliver on-time quality performance to our customers. Satisfied customers always return after their first experience with the KMTEX team.

Health, Safety, and Environment

KMTEX complies with mandated and governmental standards involving health, safety, and environmental measures. We are responsible business professionals, fully prepared to meet the standards of our customers.

KMTEX works hand in hand with the Orthodox Union to provide Kosher certified materials to customers with Kosher product lines.