KMTEX prides itself on being able to provide our customers with quality products in a fast and efficient manner. Our facility has a variety of processing equipment at our disposal including four distillation columns, a large 30,000 gallon batch reactor, molecular sieves with an inline regeneration system, clay beds, and filter housings. Another item KMTEX prides itself on is our willingness to install new equipment and hardware in a fast and efficient manner in order to meet customer needs. Distillation Towers

The highlights of our facility are our four distillation columns:

C-601: A 6-foot diameter column with 60 theoretical stages
C-701: A 7-foot diameter column with 50 theoretical stages
C-801: A 6-foot diameter column with 30 theoretical stages
C-901: A 6-foot diameter column 29 trays and 1 packed section.

C-601, C-701, and C-801 are stainless-steel, Koch-structured, packed columns. All three of these columns utilize falling film reboilers to supply the necessary heat input for distillation. C-901 is a valve tray column, which utilizes a force flow reboiler for heat input. All four columns offer multiple feed and take-off points for maximum flexibility in configuring any given project. These columns operate from atmospheric to 10 Torr, and use the Global Universal System from Honeywell for process control.

In the utilities area we have nitrogen, low-pressure steam, hot oil, tempered water, plant air, flare, etc.

Our state-of-the-art laboratory provides on site testing for:

Distillation Towers
  1. Capillary G.C.

  2. Acid-Base Titration

  3. Flash Point

  4. D-86 Distillations

  5. Instrumental Color Determination

  6. K-F Water Determination

  7. UV/VIS
Storage tanks are a critical asset for any custom processing facility and when it comes to storage KMTEX has it! We offer over 19.5 million gallons of storage capacity in tank volumes ranging from 27 thousand to 14,000 Barrels. We have over 16 million gallons of carbon steel storage and over 1.3 million gallons of stainless steel storage.

KMTEX is able to ship and receive via truck, rail, and barge. We have the capacity to store as many as 80 railcars within our plant with 14 spots available for loading and unloading. We are located on the Intracoastal Waterway, perfect for barge handling. We are able to receive barges with up to a 14" draft and with the addition of a Vapor Control System at our dock we are now able to ship flammable materials via barge.

KMTEX operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.